openDAQ for Academia

openDAQ enables colleges and universities to easily and quickly introduce the fundamentals of data acquisition (DAQ) or measurement systems through simple programming tasks. In this process, specific openDAQ devices from the certified portfolio can be selected to perform particular measurement tasks. Subsequently, students can use the openDAQ SDK to read the data through modern scripting languages like Python, aiding them in evaluating their measurement tasks to grow into a user role, which is presented in the openDAQ puzzle.

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How does openDAQ engages students?

openDAQ offers all the tools to make lab tasks engaging and challenging, preparing your students for future roles as test engineers, software developers, or device engineers in the DAQ field.

Beyond their initial measurements of physical quantities using thermocouples or strain gauges, they can explore and understand well-established modern standards. This includes adeptly configuring a PTP network or a CAN/CAN FD fieldbus.