openDAQ™ for Software Vendors

Empower your software with the openDAQ™ SDK and you'll tap into new possibilities for integration and innovation. openDAQ™ SDK brings software vendors enhanced compatibility, increased visibility, and access to a wider market of data acquisition devices like measurement amplifiers and smart sensors. Leverage the openDAQ™ SDK to elevate your software product and connect with a dynamic and open community of developers and users.

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How does openDAQ support software vendors?

For a software manufacturer, openDAQ™ simplifies the process of enabling your software products to connect to any openDAQ™ talking device by reducing complexity, cost, and risk. 

openDAQ™ supports major industry standards, alongside a feature-rich development environment to write your unique and competitive software. 

Besides this, the openDAQ™ ensures your software product works seamlessly with any openDAQ™ talking product via a client-server approach. This capability allows your product to seamlessly integrate into any system, minimizing the effort required for your customers.

By sharing the development costs for core, non-differentiating software packages across our open-source openDAQ™ community, we provide significant cost savings for all. This approach also enhances stability, performance, and reliability for all involved, backed up through our compliance lab and openDAQ™ software development team.

How to integrate openDAQ™ in your product development workflow?

The openDAQ™ provides open-source software solutions that facilitate the efficient and cost-effective development of data acquisition software solutions. Streamlining your development workflow, openDAQ™ software solutions can seamlessly integrate into your software pipeline via GitHub. You have the flexibility to choose whether to work against the main branch or to build your software solution based on a specific released version.

Additionally, you have the option to utilize pre-existing language bindings for Python or C# or incorporate the built C++ libraries into your software solution.

By leveraging the openDAQ™, you are fully equipped to craft competitive software most easily.

How to use openDAQ™ on Desktop Operating Systems

The openDAQ™ Software Development Kit (SDK) is developed in C++ and built using CMake, ensuring compatibility across operating systems.

You have several options for seamless integration into your software product. You can integrate the source code directly into your software solution, or install openDAQ™ conveniently using NuGet packages for C#, pip install for Python, or an executable for the C++ libraries.

Once you have incorporated openDAQ™ SDK into your build environment, you are fully prepared to develop your unique software application.

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