openDAQ™ for System Integrators

openDAQ™ SDK offers system integrators a unique acceleration: use any device and software that's openDAQ™ certified, vastly shortening time-to-market. Leverage the openDAQ™ SDK to elevate your integration.

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openDAQ™ supports you to work in a standardized world!

As a systems integrator, you aim to develop your applications as quickly as possible with the least effort, while ensuring long-term maintainability and performance. Standards serve as a significant accelerator in this context.

openDAQ™ SDK guides you through the complexities of the interface and standard landscape by abstracting/embracing these standards in a general-purpose API in the mid-term future. 

Since our goal is not to create a new standard - our goal is to make integration more simple.

How does openDAQ™ enable you as a system integrator?

openDAQ™ allows you to choose software and hardware products from a portfolio of certified openDAQ™ devices and integrate them into a single system - where the backbone is built on well-established industry standards. Additionally, openDAQ™ enables you to incorporate customized or independently developed products, such as small software applications or scripts. To explore these options further, please browse the landing page, such as Software Vendor or Test Engineer.

However, it's important to consider the openDAQ™ compliance levels. Since openDAQ™ provides only standard interfaces, the extent to which these interfaces map to the business logic in the software can vary. For more information on this topic, please follow this link.