openDAQ™ for Test Engineers

openDAQ™ empowers test engineers to script or program against openDAQ™ devices or servers in the most efficient manner, allowing for powerful post-processing of data. With the openDAQ™ SDK, you have complete control over the provided API for data streaming and configuration, greatly accelerating your scripting development. Mastering the SDK enables you to gain full access to all openDAQ™ certified devices on the market. The ease of use is exemplified by the openDAQ™ Python GUI Example and other illustrative examples available on

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How does OpenDAQ™ support you as a test engineer?

Imagine you need to collect data from various DAQ devices and smart sensors, and display them on a single graph or store the data in an Excel file in .csv format. In the past, this would require studying multiple incompatible APIs, often resulting in frustration and abandoned tasks.

However, there is a solution. With openDAQ™, this task becomes incredibly simple. openDAQ™ SDK provides an easy-to-use, versatile API that streamlines the process, allowing you to accomplish it all in just one day!

How to use openDAQ™ as a test engineer?

The openDAQ™ Software Development Kit (SDK) is developed in C++ and built using CMake, ensuring compatibility across various operating systems.

You have several options for getting started scripting or writing a small application. You can integrate the source code directly into your software solution, or install openDAQ™ conveniently using NuGet packages for C#, pip install for Python, or an executable for the C++ libraries.

Once you have incorporated openDAQ™ SDK into your build environment, you are fully prepared to develop your unique software application.