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openDAQ's Open-Source Solution Wows Engineers at ATE Show 2024 in Stuttgart

Nils Röttger


The Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) in Stuttgart showcases the latest in vehicle testing and validation technologies, consistently providing us with an excellent platform to demonstrate openDAQ's cutting-edge capabilities.

Three years ago, we introduced the openDAQ concept, initially named Blueberry, as a standard for seamless synchronisation and connectivity between devices from different manufacturers, creating a unified system. Many test engineers who visited our booth found this vision almost too good to be true.

Two years ago, we presented a proof of concept with a reference board running the openDAQ SDK, which sparked even more interest. This June, we went beyond proof of concept by showcasing three devices from three different manufacturers, all interconnected using the openDAQ SDK. The impressed test engineers kept returning to our booth with their colleagues, eager to learn more about this innovation. They recognized that openDAQ could significantly enhance the interoperability of their devices and grant them the freedom to integrate equipment from various vendors into a unique system tailored to their specific needs. What they loved most was that openDAQ is an open-source solution that truly works. We repeatedly heard that this will be a game-changer in the test and measurement market. We were more than thrilled by this enthusiastic reaction.

Live Demonstrations with Leading Devices

Our booth quickly became a hive of activity, drawing in industry professionals eager to see openDAQ in action. One of the key attractions at our booth was the live demonstrations showcasing openDAQ's advanced real-time data processing and powerful analytical tools.

We used HBK, Dewesoft, and Michigan Scientific devices to highlight the platform’s versatility and integration capabilities. These demonstrations provided attendees with a firsthand look at how openDAQ can seamlessly work with various sensors and instruments to deliver precise and reliable data acquisition.

Highlight: CTO Nils Roettger’s Keynote Presentation 

One of the highlights was the keynote presentation by our CTO, Nils Roettger, titled "Innovations in Open-Source Data Acquisition for Automotive Testing." Nils shared insights into how open-source platforms like openDAQ are driving innovation and efficiency in automotive testing.

He highlighted the platform’s ability to adapt to the evolving demands of the industry, from early prototype testing to comprehensive production validation. The presentation demonstrated how openDAQ enhances operational efficiency, sparking enthusiastic discussions among attendees.

Positive Reception and Industry Engagement

The reception at ATE 2024 was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees were impressed by openDAQ’s capability to reduce setup times and operational costs, seeing it as a revolutionary step forward in testing methodologies. Engaging with potential partners and clients led to productive discussions about future collaborations and customization of openDAQ to meet specific industry needs.

A Warm Welcome at Our Booth

We believe openDAQ is fostering a growing community, reflected in our booth’s welcoming atmosphere. Besides state-of-the-art solutions, we offered our popular food trailer with croissants, coffee, and Kaiserschmarrn, becoming a hallmark of our presence at the expo. The combination of technology and hospitality ensured a steady stream of visitors and engaging conversations throughout the event.

Looking Ahead

Feedback from industry leaders has been immensely encouraging, reaffirming our belief in openDAQ's innovative approach. Our participation at ATE 2024 has set a promising future trajectory. The connections made and the interest generated are expected to lead to new partnerships and advancements. As the automotive testing industry evolves, we are excited about openDAQ's pivotal role in shaping data acquisition and analysis.

For those who attended the expo, we hope our insights and innovations provided a valuable glimpse into the future of the measurement industry. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible with openDAQ and to sharing more updates on our latest developments.

Stay tuned to opendaq.com and LinkedIn for more information about our ongoing projects and future events.

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